Saturday Night 

Tomorrow night, he is meant to be coming over and it’s his last chance before I totally give up on him! I have no clue what we are doing but hoping we go and have a couple of drinks as I don’t think I can stand another night in!

I give guys one chance after they bail on me and that’s it as I’m too fed up of being stringed along and/or played alongside other girls so we will see!

If he doesn’t show anyone up for a few drinks I will not be staying in after getting all dressed up again!

I Could Write A Book….

People always say to me that I could write a book about what’s happened to me and yeah I could but why would anyone read it? I’m not Katie piper or Katie price or anyone special I’m just me!

I’ve had it pretty easy compared to some and I don’t deny that but I could probably write a whole series about failed dates and weird conversation starters on pof as well as the weird moments on tinder but I chose a blog instead! I’m starting to believe relationships aren’t for me I have too much baggage and not enough confidence. I can’t trust for fear of getting hurt and my anxiety has decided to come back with revenge and ruin all hope I had for my date tomorrow (his final chance after last week)! 

So would I wrote a book? Never rule it out but for now I’ve just blog and rant! It’s easier that way and free! 

Sunday Isn’t Date Day

Today’s date got cancelled as he has said he’s sitting in a&e after going to the gym I’m not sure! He told me Sunday was football with the lads so who knows!? Update: not playing football watching arsenal 😒

I’m so sick to death of men playing me and messing me around why can’t I find someone who’s nice and genuine? Yes it was an accident and all that but still I’m just so fed up! Men seem to have plenty of time for their mates and football but none for the girl they are supposedly seeing and I just don’t get that when they apparently want to settle down have a relationship etc etc!

Rant Over! 

Anyone want to cheer me up? Fed up of being depressed over my failed love life!

Date Number 1

So as I blogged about before I went on a date! I spent a good few hours getting ready and he was late but only by half hour due to traffic and accidents etc!

We went to the bar and we had two drinks then he said he had to go as he had an early start which I didn’t think anything of until my anxiety kicked in as usual and it drove me crazy!

But we have spoken again this week and I’m seeing him Sunday (wish he would decide what we are doing!) so hopefully it will go ok he said he really liked me and he had a good time so fingers crossed! Keep worrying he will do the dirty than dash but I will try and trust him at least! Need a decent man to get this confidence back up!!

I didn’t wear the new dress I brought though as wasn’t comfy in it! Pictures on my Instagram as usual!!

And a really bad selfie stick photo that makes me look huge!

I went with my lace dress from ebay, new jacket from impressions in my town (any cheap shop should stock it haha) and my old faithful boots! No leggings for once 🙈!

I almost wore a new dress from eBay that I got it’s a top shop petite size 10 dress but wasn’t sure as it shows my lumps and bumps! Need down control pants 🙈🙈

Now what to wear Sunday ? I can’t decide until I know what we are doing! Men are useless!!
P.S I don’t think he knows about my blog yet so I should be ok for now if u slag him off! 😏🙊🙊

All I Say Is No

Today we have been up since 4.45 am and I’m shattered! All I’ve said today is no to Ethan and the biggest one that annoyed me today is Ethan drawing all over his table and chair set! 

I hate getting cross with Ethan and I hate saying no but today has lasted forever and he’s been so naughty! 

He’s licked/kicked/pinched/bit me and then does this!

So instead of getting annoyed anymore I have started to paint them and now I need to pick a colour for them!

Ignore the washing behind them! 
So do you ever feel like you say no all the time?  I feel that it’s the most popular word I say and always directed at Ethan! He has so many toys but prefers to mess with my stuff! 
Rant over!!!!

Bad Dates! Part 1

Earlier I mentioned bad dates and the fact that I’ve had numerous of them!

First date is a night in with dominos and then the guys invites himself to stay and sleeps into midday when I’ve been up since 8! And to top it off another girl was texting him asking for cuddles whilst with me! He then asked for another date as we didn’t sleep together!

Another time (and a different guy) we went to the pub for drinks and I look round in the pub garden and I see my best mate half cut run off and I go to find her and she’s making me chase her round the pub (she’s laughing her head off) and then she invites herself to join us and continues to embarrass me with comments and stories! We go to leave and she walks with us back to mine and stands outside the window being a peeping Tom whilst we well went to bed shall I put! 

How she’s still my best friend I have no clue!

Back To Dating…

So since Tom and I spilt I haven’t been on the dating scene really and I’ve met a few guys but they have turned out to be total doughnuts and haven’t spoken to them again but I’m going on a date Saturday and I can’t wait!

This guy seems lovely and wants a relationship so that’s a good starting point at least as we both want the same thing.

I’ve brought a new dress as well as we are going for evening drinks in quite a posh bar in my town and I’m hoping it will look ok when it arrives! (Fingers crossed!)


I have forgotten how nervous I get before dates and how I always worry about them for ages, I wish this weekend would hurry up!

Anyone got any horror first date stories? 

I’ve got a few but they were when I was a lot younger and I have to say dating when your a parent is a lot different and much harder!

I find balancing spending time with Ethan and who I’m seeing (the guy) hard as it’s not easy to find child free time and I wouldn’t ask someone to babysit him in order for me to go out as I would feel bad on Ethan as I should be spending time with him! Life is never simple is it?!


Today is the day for voting and I have to say I’m 21 and have never voted as i didn’t see the point but this year is different Ethan and I are off to vote in a bit and I know the party I’m voting for!

Do you vote and do you vote on the media storm about each party or actually on their policies?

I’ve gone on a bit of both and did look up the parties statements! It’s all a bit complicated for me really but I’m just happy to be voting! 
Let’s do this!

Looks rather gloomy over by the voting venue!  


So my other new hobby is geocaching which has been brought on by brother who also does it!

I have a special IG for this which is mummy_geocacher feel free to follow me and say hello! 

If you don’t know what it is pop over to their website and take a look as I won’t be explaining it in depth!

You download the app and have the option to buy premium membership (I buy it three month at a time) and then you can search for caches in your local area! They can be extra small or super large and usually contain a log book to sign and if large enough then some goodies too! If you take something you must leave something it’s an unspoken rule! 

There is also chances to find trackables which are pretty cool and I’ve only ever found one so far!

I have two caches placed in my local area and it’s pretty cool when people find them as you get an email telling you!

Here is the latest cache I have found:  

It’s a small nano and pretty cool, it took a while to find it!

Here’s a photo of my medium cache I placed recently:

 It’s been found a few times already!
Why not look and see if there are any near you!

It’s fun for all the family, Ethan loves it!